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Plant Lady (415)

on me:

skin/ Insol: Mischa applier @ Kustom9

hair/ Stealthic – Purity

top/ Blueberry – Jolly Holidays 2016 – Past Gift

decor (left to right)

Soy. Potted Cheese Plant [Black]

brocante. ladder shelf

West Village Wicker Basket – Dark Stain

Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2

Mithral * Box Humidifier (Black)

Mithral * Philodendron Melanochrysum (Concrete Pot) @ Kustom9

Mithral * Vertical Wall Pipe Hanger (Black)

Mithral * Alocasia Frydek (Diamond Pot)

dust bunny . papasan stool . brown wood

{vespertine}- spider plant.

Mithral * Philodendron Micans (Dark Wood) @ Shiny Shabby

Mithral * Philodendron Plowmanii (Concrete Pot) @ Kustom9

dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter

Mithral * Begonia Maculata (Diamond Pot)

Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room – Sofa – Adult

Mithral * Metal Watering Can (Black)

Mithral * Monstera Adansonii (Diamond Pot)

Mithral * Arrowhead Plant (Diamond Pot)

Foxwood – Boho lounge – Rug

dust bunny . hoya plant

FD & Commoner: Indio Coffee Table

dust bunny . botanical tote

JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 8. Wanderer Red Black

Mithral * Lemon Lime Philodendron (White Pot)

Mithral * Alocasia Cuprea (Black Pot)

Mithral * Rhaphidophora Cryptantha

Mithral * Alocasia Dragon Scale (Diamond Pot)

Mithral * Monstera Peru (Dark Wood)

Mithral * Philodendron Florida Ghost (White Pot)

Mithral * Philodendron Gloriosum (Concrete Pot)

Foxwood – Boho lounge – Banana plant


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(click to enlarge)

hair/ DOUX – Vega hairstyle

shades/ * SORGO – MER Shades @ Kustom9

swimsuit/ Rosary. Tanya @ Tres Chic

tattoo/ { Speakeasy } Nocturnal Tattoo


hive // summer bummer rattan chair with pillow . adult

Apple Fall Summer Parasol

dust bunny. flip flops

hive // kentia palm plant II

MINIMAL – California Villa @ Fameshed



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323. Angry Holiday Shopping

Hair/ #Foxy – Luxe Hair @ N21 New!

Top/ Rebel Gal – Fluffy Fox Sweater @ Uber New!

Jeans/ Rebel Gal – Mile High Skinny Jeans @ Uber New!

Shoes/ #EMPIRE – Aquamarine @ N21 New!

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Bhad Mood’ Broken Phone @ N21 New!

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Bhad Mood’ Broken Laptop @ N21 New!

Apple Fall Lily Wicker Chair – White (PG)

Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Spruce Green

dust bunny . present pile


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Hair/ DOUX – Juniper hairstyle w/ Vega Bangs

Top/ Addams // Frank Knitted Loose Sweater

Cami/ Addams // Frank Crop Top

Jeans/ Blueberry – Frank Jeans – Full Length

Boots/ Blueberry – Frank Boots – Ankle


Apple Fall Old Painters’ Stool

dust bunny . botanical tote

dust bunny & tenshi . pumpkin planter

dust bunny . dahlia jug

dust bunny & tenshi . pumpkin stack

DaD . “Climbing Ivy Summer Green” mod.02 m/c

junk. stone pumpkins.

dust bunny . cozy reading

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[Bad Unicorn] Allora House
Bad Unicorn x Birch ‘Scotchfield’ Chair (ADULT) @ ROMP
Bad Unicorn x Birch ‘Scotchfield’ Ottoman @ ROMP
Bad Unicorn x Birch ‘Scotchfield’ Rug @ ROMP
Bad Unicorn x Birch (Black / Dark) ‘Scotchfield’ Sofa (ADULT) @ ROMP
Bad Unicorn x Birch ‘Scotchfield’ Lamp @ ROMP
 Bazar – Stockholm-Sneakers decor (female)
hive // chunky wood coffee table
Ariskea[ Daliah] Cute Dots Daliah[ Mixed] @ Kustom9
dust bunny . ivy room divider
Ariskea[Bear] Real Painting [Aris]
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 1
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 3
DaD . “Climbing Ivy Summer Green” mod.01
Apple Fall Wine Glasses
Apple Fall Whisky Decanter
Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec
.09 [ kunst ] – Shelf
Ariskea[GoldFish] Giant Philodendron Plant[1]
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Decor Items:

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