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Sync’D Motion – Rebola

Hey Dancers! It’s that time again, Kustom9 has commenced, and Sync’D Motion has brought to you this amazing, sexy, active dance pack! Complete with 5 brand new dances, you can pick this pack up at the Kustom9 event now until June 10th. Upon the completion of the event, be sure to check the Sync’D Motion Mainstore/Marketplace for this and other past releases. The arms movements are amazing, seriously.

Be sure to follow Sync’D Motion on social media to remain up-to-date on all things new releases : Facebook, Flickr, Flickr Group, Youtube, Vimeo.


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Every @ Sultry

Sync'D Motion__Originals - Every Pack

Hey! Watch here:

Dancers! Want something slow and sexy? Here it is! Sync’d Motion has brought to you the Every pack, complete with 5 super sexy dances that are sure to be a staple in your dance hud! You can pick up this amazing dance pack at the Sultry event. Following the duration of the event, you can pick this pack up at the Inworld Store/ Marketplace.

Please be sure to follow Sync’d Motion on social media to stay up to date with future releases (Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo). Created a video? Please add it to the Sync’d Motion Flickr group!

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Sync'D Motion__Originals - Buss Pack

Dance Lovers! You know what time it is. Be sure to stop over to the Limit8 event (there are still some left) to pick up the Buss dance pack. Complete with 5 Sync’d Motion original dances, this pack is a hitter for sure! You’ll love it. Following the duration of the event, please be sure to check for dance availability at the Sync’d Motion in-world and Marketplace stores. Don’t forget, to stay up to date, follow Sync’d on social media: Facebook, Flickr, Flickr Group, Youtube, Vimeo.


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Sync'D Motion__Originals - Esfrega

Time to head over to Kustom9 (Aug) to pick up the amazing Sync’d Motion Esfrega pack!  (Following the event, pick up the dances at the Sync’d the inworld store or on the marketplace.) Complete with 6 sexy dances to get the body moving, this pack is sure to be a stable in all dance huds! Please also be sure to keep up to date on all Sync’d Motion creations by following Sync’d on social media:  Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube. Have your own creation? Be sure to post it in the Sync’d Motion Flickr Group. Get up and dance!!

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Sync'D Motion__Originals - Check Pack

It’s time to get excited dance fans! The super sexy “Check” dance pack, brought to you by Sync’d Motion, your favorite dance creators, get those body curves moving. Complete with 6 sexy dance animations, this pack is by far one of my top dance picks. Sometimes, you just need to slow down and whine. ❤

Be sure to pick this dance pack up at the Sync’d Motion Mainstore. You can also visit Sync’d Motion on Marketplace.

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